Case Study 2


A leading UK-based Airline with a fleet of more than 280 aircraft carrying more than 40 million customers a year.


To implement a cutting edge suite of products that manages Departure Control, Reservations and Inventory management.  The project was time critical and falling behind delivery milestones.


No Airline in the UK has implemented this product before. All suitably skilled Consultants either worked for the vendor of the product and were unable to move directly to the client or had worked internationally with a competitor Airline on a permanent basis.


TIMES were asked to assist because current suppliers had been unable to secure a suitable Consultant in this critical role.

Our solution was to organise meetings with the stakeholders of the project and ensure we 100% understood the client’s requirements, the required technical skills, the duties to be performed; and for TIMES to gain a greater understanding of the business.

The TIMES’ Travel sector experts were then able to proactively approach suitable Consultants using our tailored database and global referral network. 

We had to use our industry knowledge and clients prestige to actively sell the opportunity and entice them to the UK.   

Within one week, we had shortlisted 4 candidates with the required expertise for the niche role.    

All candidates were then screened by telephone or skype to ensure suitability for the roles before being submitted to our client.

Our client interviewed 3 our candidates before making their selection and handing over to TIMES to facilitate and manage the onboarding.

The selected individual was residing in Australia so TIMES took on the management of relocating the Consultant to the UK.  This involved preparing documentation for a Tier 2 visa and assisting in transferring to the UK.


Our Consultant played a critical role in the programme providing invaluable SME knowledge and leadership to ensure implementation of the products.  We subsequently supplied several additional contract resources to our client and are now considered the leading supplier of contract resources into all areas of their IT department.     

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