Case Study 4


A leading UK Airline with a fleet of 38 aircraft.  Last year they flew 5,921,766 passengers to 30 worldwide destinations.  


The client had decided to embark on a challenging 2-year programme to migrate all systems onto a partner Airline Passenger Service System (PSS).    


To find suitable resource with the domain experience required to assist in the delivery of the programme.   

Required resources: SME Project Managers(x2) and SME Architect.

The client had already engaged with three preferred supplier agencies that had been unable to secure the required skill-sets.


As always TIMES were on-site very quickly and engaging with delivery directors to identify the requirements and required skills.

We turned immediately to our tailored database and referral network which gives us access to candidates not readily available to other agencies.

Within a four-week period, TIMES was able to fill all three roles.  This was achieved by proactively head hunting a suitable candidate from an Airline in the UAE, replacing an existing Contractor from a client (due to contract completion) and the third via our trusted referral network.

All three candidates were recommended by trusted sources and extensively reference checked before placing onto the programme.  We were actively involved with the onboarding on the Consultant arriving from the UAE, this involved security checking, VISA application and relocating in the UK.


Our client now has the best expertise globally to deliver a business central system.

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